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Results from Sunday 10th September on the Royal Military Canal, 15 anglers, match with Rye and Clive Vale
1st Tim Relf, CV  9.4
2nd Tim Phillips, Rye  joint with Chris Pope, Rye  8.12
4th Paul Edwards, Rye  6.5
5th Andy  Ashdown, Rye  5.12


Results from Sunday 17th September on the River Brede, Open match against Rye, Cranbrook and Southdown.  A total of 15 anglers
1st Mark Hinxman, CV, 11.2
2nd Paul Edwards, Rye  9.15
3rd Chris Pope, Rye joint with Andy Buss, Rye   8.10
5th Dennis Ramsden, CV  7.8
Next match is at Northpoint on Sunday 24th, Clive Vale with Rye & Cranbrook, please book in with Tim Relf, contact details on membership card.
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