Environment Agency request for information.

The Environment Agency have made a request to all members to report any and all  illegal fishing

The EA rely on the quality of intelligence you provide to stop environmental crime.


What the EA need to know:

What date and time was the illegal activity observed? Timely reporting is vital; please call us as soon as you can.

What is the precise location of the incident? As much detail as possible so we can identify the exact site of the activity.

How many people are involved? Give descriptions of the people involved, and if possible names. If they were challenged, what did they say?

What exactly are they doing? What fishing methods are they using? Describe any equipment you have seen.

Have they got any fish? Give details of number of fish and species.

How have they gotten there? Can you see a car? If possible give vehicle descriptions and registration numbers.

Have you seen them before? Identifying hot spots of illegal activity is important. We may also be able to identify patterns of behaviour.

Are there any other witnesses? Give us their names and contact details.

If you hear about or observe any illegal fishing activity or environmental crime, call the EA 24 hour incident hotline: 0800 80 70 60.