Results 2017

December 17th Clive Vale Reservoirs, Fur and Feather Christmas Competition.

8 anglers fished in testing conditions, half the lake was frozen, ice had to be broken to be able to fish.

Kevin Thornely Trophy

1st                    Kerry Saint                  26lbs   4oz
2nd                  Tim Relf                       24lbs   2oz
3rd                   Mark Hinksman         20lbs   0oz

John Plumbridge Trophy for heaviest bag of Silver fish

1st                    Nick Marshall              10lbs   8oz
2nd                  Peter Nest                      9lbs   12oz
3rd                   Dennis Ramsden          7lbs   15oz


November 26th Saw Lodge between Clive Vale, Cranbrook & Rye

1st                 Andy Milton            Rye                           42lbs      0oz
2nd               Tim Relf                   Clive Vale                30lbs      8oz
3rd                Derek Willis            Rye                            23lbs      14oz

November 12th Blackwall Bridge between Clive Vale, Cranbrook and Rye.
12 Anglers fished on a cold and windy day
1st Mark Mitchell Cranbrook 9lbs 2oz
2nd Dennis Ramsden Clive Vale 7lbs 13oz
3rd Tim Relf Clive Vale 7lbs 1oz
4th Paul Edwards Rye 6lbs 14oz
5th Chris Pope Rye 5lbs 5oz
6th Mark Hinxman Clive Vale 5lbs 3oz
November 5th Northpoint, between Clive Vale and Rye.
14 Anglers fished.
1st Andy Milton Rye 92lbs 0oz
2nd Richard Mayes Rye 79lbs 0oz
3rd Andy Baker Rye 75lbs 0oz
4th Geoff Border Rye 72lbs 12oz
5th Martin Simmons Rye 63lbs 8oz
6th Paul Lawton Rye 62lbs 2oz
7th Les Saunders Rye 49lbs 4oz
October 29th Royal Military Canal, Rye between Clive Vale, Rye and Cranbrook.
14 anglers fished on a cold and murky day. Mixed bags of Roach, Rudd, Skimmers and Perch. Tim Relf’s catch included 2 Perch for 3lbs 8oz.
Tim Relf with his Perch
Ist Chris Pope Rye 15lbs 8oz
2nd Mark Mitchell Cranbrook 15lbs 4oz
3rd Roy Fletcher Rye 13lbs 4oz
4th Tim Relf Clive Vale 13lbs 2oz
5th Derek Willis Rye 11lbs 8oz
6th Paul Edwards Rye 9lbs 14oz
7th = Billy Mitchell Cranbrook 9lbs 12oz
7th = Mark Hinxman Clive Vale 9lbs 12oz
October 22nd Iden Lock between Clive Vale, Rye and Cranbrook
Ist Paul Edwards Rye 10lbs 2oz
2nd Mark Mitchell Cranbrook 8lbs 8oz
3rd Andy Scrace Clive Vale 7lbs 10oz
4th Andy Ashdown Rye 5lbs 0oz
5th Billy Mitchell Cranbrook 4lbs 11oz
6th Roy Fletcher Rye 4lbs 6oz
7th Dave Checksfield Clive Vale 3lbs 5oz
October 15th Ironbridge, between Clive Vale and Southdown.
15 anglers enjoyed a pleasant day’s fishing on a sunny day with light winds.
1st P. Nest Clive Vale 8lbs 8oz 2 Tench
2nd T. Ramsden Southdown 8lbs 5oz 2 Tench
3rd T. Relf Clive Vale 3lbs 3oz
4th M. Falkner Southdown 3lbs 0oz
5th M. Wood Southdown 2lbs 13oz
6th D. Checksfield Clive Vale 2lbs 5oz


October 8th Northpoint, between Clive Vale, Rye, Cranbrook and Hastings & Bexhill.

30 anglers fished on a sunny day, light breeze, mainly carp and rudd caught.

1st Mark Simmonds Cranbrook 81lbs 8oz
2nd Billy Mitchell Cranbrook 80lbs 0oz
3rd Paul Henniker Rye 76lbs 0oz
4th Paul Watts Rye 70lbs 8oz
5th Tim Relf Clive Vale 68lbs 8oz
6th Dennis Price Clive Vale 67lbs 0oz


October 1st Saunders Large Pit, between Clive Vale, Hastings & Bexhill, Rye and Cranbrook.

13 anglers fished, mixed bag of fish including perch, roach, small carp and eels.

A very wet and windy day.

1st Chris Hitchens Hastings & Bexhill 7lbs 14oz
2nd Paul Edwards Rye 4lbs 5oz
3rd Mark Hinxman Clive Vale 3lbs 5oz
4th Tim Relf Clive Vale 3lbs 2oz
5th Billy Mitchell Cranbrook 2lbs 0oz


September 24th at Northpoint, fished by Clive Vale, Cranbrook and Rye.

Mostly carp and rudd caught by 20 anglers.

1st Emma Pickering Rye 105lbs 8oz
2nd Paul Watts Cranbrook 100lbs 12oz
3rd Dennis Howard Cranbrook 80lbs 8oz
4th Ben Ramsden Rye 63lbs 4oz
5th Sean Kelly Rye 56lbs 0oz


September 17th on the River Brede, Open match against Rye, Cranbrook and Southdown.

15 anglers fished.

1st Mark Hinksman Clive Vale 11lbs 2oz
2nd Paul Edwards Rye 9lbs 15oz
3rd Chris Pope Rye 8lbs 10oz
3rd Andy Buss Rye 8lbs 10oz
5th Dennis Ramsden Clive Vale 7lbs 8oz


September 10th on the Royal Military Canal, Rye and Clive Vale.

15 anglers fished.

1st Tim Relf Clive Vale 9lbs 4oz
2nd Tim Phillips Rye 8lbs 12oz
2nd Chris Pope Rye 8lbs 12oz
4th Paul Edwards Rye 6lbs 5oz
5th Andy Ashdown Rye 5lbs 12oz


August 27th Blackwall Bridge Clive Vale & Rye vs Holland Anglers, for the Holland Anglers  Cup.

16 anglers fished.

1st Chris Pope Clive Vale 17 lbs 5 oz
2nd Andy Buss Rye 8 lbs 10 oz
3rd Mark Hinxman Clive Vale 4 lbs 12 oz
4th Mark Mitchell Clive Vale 4 lbs 7 oz
5th Paul Edwards Rye 4 lbs 2 oz

Clive Vale won the cup (top 3 weights)
Clive Vale  25 lbs 4 oz             Holland Anglers   9 lbs 4 oz


August 20th Blackwall Bridge, Clive Vale, Southdown & Rye.

16 anglers fished

1st Andy Ashdown Rye 13 lbs 8 oz
2nd Derek Willis, Rye 9 lbs 8 oz
3rd Paul Edwards Rye 6 lbs 11 oz
4th Mark Hinxman Clive Vale 6 lbs 1 oz
5th Chris Pope Rye 6 lbs 2 oz
6th Peter Gabi Southdown 5 lbs 9 oz


August 6th at Northpoint  hosted by Rye, with Cranbrook and Clive Vale.

A total of 28 anglers caught mostly carp and rudd.

1st Ben Ramsden Rye 181lbs 0oz
2nd Emma Pickering Rye 102lbs 8oz
3rd Tim Relf Clive Vale 100lbs 8oz
4th Mark Mitchell Cranbrook 98lbs 0oz
5th Sean Kelly Rye 90lbs 8oz
5th Andy Milton Rye 90lbs 8oz


July 30th at Newbridge River Rother, clubs Rye,  Cranbrook and Clive Vale as invited by Rye.

A total of 16 anglers catching roach, skimmers, bleak, perch and a few tench.

1st Mark Mitchell Cranbrook 15lbs 0oz
2nd T. Relf Clive Vale 12lbs 12oz
3rd Chris Pope Rye 6lbs 12oz
4th Trevor Ramsden Clive Vale 4lbs 14oz
5th Craig Ramsden Clive Vale 3lbs 12oz
 5th Paul Edwards Rye 3lbs 12oz


July 16th at Boreham Street by clubs Clive Vale, Southdown and Seaford.

A total of 27 anglers with main bags being bream and roach, a few tench as well.

1st N. Parks Seaford 55 lbs 10oz 25 Bream
2nd T.Relf Clive Vale 52lbs 15oz 18 Bream
3rd G. Weston Southdown 30lbs 12oz
4th P. Stradwick Seaford 14lbs 5oz
5th G. Robson Southdown 13lbs 10oz