The Royal Military Canal, Winchelsea

A canal joining the River Brede at Strand Bridge, Winchelsea. The water is frequently stocked and contains large numbers of Roach and Rudd to 2lbs+, Perch to 2lbs+, A good head of Tench up to 7lbs Bream to 8lbs+, Pike to 25lbs+ and many Eels. This canal can be prone to heavy weed growth in the summer.

Satellite view, courtesy of google earth.

Royal Military Canal – Upstream.

The River Rother, (Blackwall Bridge to New Bridge)

The river contains large shoals of Bream averaging 3lb a piece, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Eels, Bleak, Ruffe and Gudgeon. Large Chub can also be caught 4lb+ together with Tench from 5lb and the occasional Carp of 25lb+. Large Pike have also been caught up to 30lb. During the summer months large Mullet of up to 5lb have been caught. There are no day tickets available for this water although large block bookings can be made directly with the Water Bookings Officer or the Club Secretary for matches.

Satellite view, courtesy of Google Earth.

Looking downstream from Blackwall Bridge

River Brede

In the hope of establishing a head of Barbel the club carried out several stockings between Brede Bridge and Ferry Bridge during the period 2000 and 2010. It is unknown if these stockings were successful as no authenticated reports have been received by the committee.

River Brede, Brede Bridge, Snailham, Udimore, Float Farm.

A stretch of the River Brede together with drainage ditch. This water contains Dace, Roach, Rudd, Perch, Eels, shoals of Bream to 3lbs+, large winter Chub to 4lbs+, Pike to 20lbs+ together with the occasional Tench and Carp.

Members who regularly fish this stretch have reported catching Chub in the 5lb to 7lb range, Bream to 7½lb (although larger specimens have been seen by anglers wearing Polaroids when the water is clear). Carp have also been caught in the 20-25lb range.

The drainage ditch contains Tench to 5lbs, Pike to 20lbs, Bream to 5lbs+, small Roach, Rudd, Perch and Eels.

Satellite view, courtesy of Google Earth.

Doleham Stream, Doleham

A shallow stream feeding the River Brede. This water is only normally only fished for the head of small Brown Trout found in it. Occasionally Dace and small Chub may be caught. Parking for this water can be found at the bottom of the steep hill in Doleham Lane.

Newhouse Sewer, Winchelsea

A drainage ditch joining the River Brede near Ferry Bridge, Winchelsea. This water contains small Roach, Rudd and Perch. Tench to 4lbs+, Pike to 10lbs and many Eels to 4lbs. Although summer sport can be affected by heavy weed growth.

River Brede, Winchelsea.

This stretch of the river, once extremely prolific, is now once again starting to provide quality sport. The water contains shoals of Roach, Rudd to 2lbs, Dace to 1lbs, Perch to 3lbs, Eels to 4lbs, Bream and Tench to 6lbs, Pike to 20bs. And the occasional Chub to 5lbs. This stretch of the river during the summer months can have a good run of Mullet to 3lbs and Sea Trout to 5lbs+.

Satellite view, courtesy of Google Earth.

View downstream from Strand Bridge Winchelsea
Rye Road – Upstream
Rye Road – Downstream

River Tillingham, Rye.

A stretch of the river Tillingham situated to the north of rye. This water contains Roach, Rudd to 2lbs, Dace, Chub, Perch, Tench, Bream and Pike. The occasional Sea Trout has also been caught.

Satellite view, courtesy of Google Earth.