Please read this carefully, because lack of knowledge of its contents cannot be accepted as an excuse for rules or Bye-laws etc. being broken or ignored.  Membership documentation must be carried at all times when fishing Club waters. An RFA sticker is required on their waters.

It is understood that the Club does not give the right to fish except in those waters actually rented by the Club.

A current Membership entitles the holder to challenge any person or persons fishing on Club waters to show their Membership details and to act as a Club Bailiff in the best interests of the Club.

Any members wishing to be involved in work parties contact Fishery Manager. See membership card for details.

All anglers should report at once any illegal methods of fishing, i.e. Lay-Lines or Netting, any pollution, dead fish or fish in distress, giving approximate numbers, to the Hon. Secretary or Fishery Manager or direct to EA. Pollution Office (0800 807060)

Club notes appear in the ‘Hastings and St. Leonards Observer’. Will members please contact the Chairman/Secretary if they have any items of interest to other members for possible inclusion in the local press.

Pick up all litter and nylon line etc. and keep the banks tidy. If you should open any gates, please see they are shut and properly fastened. Landowners are annoyed and rightly so, if they have to sort out stock through neglect. Mushrooms are the property of the Landowner, and members must not pick them unless permission is obtained.

All anglers aged 12 or over must hold a current valid E.A. Rod Licence. See E.A. website for current regulations.

No keepnets (except for retaining specimen fish) to be used between March 14th – June 16th.

Specimen fish may be weighed throughout the year. The season ends 31st December.


 Age Groups                 Senior  16 +                 Junior Under 16 – see byelaw 16



1.         That the Club shall be called ‘THE CLIVE VALE (HASTINGS) ANGLING CLUB’, and that its objects shall be promotion of Freshwater Angling only.

2.         a.         There shall not be less than two nor more than three Trustees of the Club, save that a corporate body may be a sole Trustee. The committee as and when the need arises shall appoint the Trustees.

b.         All property of the Club (except cash, which shall be under the control of the Hon. Treasurer) including leases and fishing leases shall be vested in the Trustees to be dealt with by them as the committee shall from time to time by resolution direct.

c.         The Trustees shall be indemnified out of the assets of the Club against any risk and expense by them in pursuance of their office.

3.         The business of the Club shall be conducted by a Committee to consist of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary, Junior Competition Secretary, Fishery Manager, two official bailiffs and nine Committee members. The Committee shall meet once a month, five to form a quorum. The Chairman shall hold a casting vote.

The Officers & Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of members to be held in February of each year. Three committee members shall stand down each year but may offer themselves for re-election. The names of candidates for election to the Offices or Committee shall be duly proposed and seconded and submitted to the secretary, in writing, not less than three days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. Qualification for the Offices and Committee to be five years membership and living within a 20 mile radius of Hastings.

Life members of the club may be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for life membership shall be duly proposed and seconded and submitted to the Secretary in writing, before the end of January preceding the meeting

4.         A record of attendance at Committee Meetings shall be kept and divulged, on request, to members at the Annual General Meeting

5.         The Committee may co-opt members in the event that a vacancy should occur but such members must seek election at the next Annual General Meeting.

6.         The Committee may appoint its members (or co-opt additional non voting members) to fill the following posts as required:- Assistant Secretary,  Assistant Competition Secretary, Fish Recorder, Social Secretary, Trophy Officer, Assistant Fishery Manager, Water bookings Officer.

7.         The Presidents and Vice Presidents of the Club, who shall be elected at the annual General Meeting, may attend Committee meetings but may not vote.

8.         The financial year shall be from 1st January to 31st December. All subscriptions to become due on 1st April each year. All members must renew their subscriptions before fishing for Trout or Mullet. Subscriptions and Day Ticket prices to be agreed at the Annual General Meeting each year.

9.         a.         The Committee shall expel from the club any member for conduct which, in its opinion, is injurious or tends to be injurious to the interests of the club, or its objects, or the members, or angling, or which contravenes the Club’s bye-laws.

b.         Before expelling a member the Committee shall inquire into his conduct and they shall be given a reasonable opportunity to defend and justify himself in writing or by appearing (upon notifying the Chairman not less than 7 days before the Committee meeting [which are held on the first Tuesday of each month] before the committee, and the Committees power to expel shall be on a majority of those present at the meeting.

c.         An expelled member shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership, but shall remain liable for any dues or debts to the Club which become payable or were incurred before the date of expulsion.

10.       That a statement of receipts and expenditure, duly inspected and approved by a suitably qualified person (as appointed by the Committee), shall be presented at each Annual General Meeting.

11.       That the Committee has the powers to make Bye-laws regulating the angling in Club Waters.

12.       That if anything arises which is not provided for by these Rules, the matter in question shall be considered by the Committee, who shall have full power to decide, and their decision shall be final.

13.       Fundamental Rules and Angling Rules may only be changed at the Annual General Meeting. Proposals for alteration shall be notified, in writing, before the end of January preceding the Annual General Meeting.

14.       A minimum of fourteen days notice shall be given of the dates and venue of the Annual General Meeting by means of an announcement in the local press and tackle shops.

15.       That a Special General Meeting may be called by a requisition to the Secretary, signed by ten members, but no business shall be transacted at that meeting except that for which it shall have been called: members to receive a fortnight’s notice and agenda of such meetings. Such notice shall be deemed to have been served by a notice in the ‘Public Notices’ section of the Hastings and St. Leonards Observer.

16.       No affiliated member has the power to vote.

17.       That Competition Secretary or Fisheries Manager have the power to close water if required.

18.       Any committee member not attending 3 committee meeting without contacting chairman or secretary shall be deemed that they no longer wish to remain on the committee.

19.       That fair angling with rod and line only be permitted. In the event of any complaints as to unfair practices on the part of any member, the complaint shall be brought to the notice of the Committee who shall decide the point and take such action as they may think fit.

20.       If, at any general meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the club is passed by a majority of the Members present and at a Special General Meeting held not more than six weeks later(of which not less than four weeks’ notice has been given to Members by way of Notices in the local press and tackle shops) and at which not less than one-half of members are present, that resolution is confirmed by a resolution passed by a majority of two thirds of the members voting on it, the committee must immediately, or at such future date as is specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the property of the Club and, after the discharge of all liabilities, such property shall be paid to St. Michael’s Hospice (Hastings), its’ successor or such other similar organisation as shall be agreed by a majority of members present at that Special General Meeting.



1. That no gaff hooks be allowed on club waters.

2. The use of live fish for bait be permitted subject to the following:

     a. Single hook only (max size 6) to be used, the bait to be lip hooked.

     b. All fish to be taken from the water being fished, on that day    and to be returned alive at the end of the session.

     c. Fish to be kept in a suitable container.

     d. Fish to be 12.5cm (5 inches) maximum.

     e. This amendment does not include Clive Vale Reservoirs.

3. That only proven non-toxic dyes be used in colouring baits.

4. That lead weights be banned from all club waters from size 6 shot to 1oz weight inclusive.

5. Members are responsible for the removal of all litter and nylon line from their swims, whether theirs or not. Any member breaking this rule will be liable to expulsion from the club.

6. All persons on Club waters must be in possession of a suitable landing net.

7. Members are strictly forbidden to take glass bottles/containers or tins containing bait products onto Club waters.

8. Unhooking/landing mats must be used at any Clive Vale A.C. water if fishing for carp.


1.         2 Rods only allowed at the Clive Vale Reservoirs, The Beeches and The Small Pit at Saunders.

            (Please note EA bye-laws state that the butts of the outer rods must be no more than 3 metres apart, and must  be attended at all times when baits are in the water.)

2.         That the close season for coarse fish be from 2400 hours March 14 to 0001 hours June 16 except for lakes, ponds and reservoirs unless otherwise listed.

3.         All fish to be returned to place of capture – it is illegal to move fish from one water to another.


Fish other than potential Club records, may be witnessed by one senior Club member. Claims to be submitted to the fish recorder within 14 days of capture. Details of names, addresses and membership numbers of captor and witness to be included. PLEASE PUT THE WELFARE OF FISH BEFORE CUPS OR TROPHIES.

POTENTIAL CLUB RECORDS. All claims for a potential club record must be witnessed by at least one committee member or  member of record panel except in exceptional circumstances, when the Committee may, after taking into consideration all available evidence, accept any such claim as a club record. Potential Club record ROACH, RUDD, TROUT, DACE and CRUCIAN CARP must be verified and weighed by any two members of the Record Fish Panel other than the captor. If the two panel members are not in agreement a third panel member shall be called upon. All submissions subject to ratification by the Committee.

5.         Alcohol is banned on Club waters.

6.         No keepnets allowed in the Clive Vale reservoirs except for retaining specimen fish and for competitions.

7.         That no ground baiting or pre-baiting be allowed at the Clive Vale Reservoirs except for loose fed maggots and ½ pint cooked hemp: ALL SURPLUS BAIT to be taken away.

8.         That no fire-arms, airguns or pistols, traps or other snares, may be carried or used on Club waters.

9.         That no radios or other music playing devices be allowed on any waters.

10.       That anglers must not light fires or take dogs on any waters (Bailiffs excepted).

11.       That no dead fish be weighed in for Cups or Trophies except Trout or Mullet, and that no dead fish are weighed in on competitions.

12.       Members must ensure that landowner’s permission is obtained before night fishing on country waters.

13.       All members leaving their swim must place their tackle at the top of the bank, the swim to be deemed vacant.

14.       No baited tackle to be left in the water unattended at any time.

15.       Only barbless hooks may be used at the Clive Vale Reservoirs.

16.       Junior anglers reaching 16 years of age may send in licence, together with cash balance, to Secretary to have altered to senior membership for remainder of season. Only specimens caught before change to count for junior awards.

17.       Keepnets shall be knotless and a minimum of 2.0 metres long and 40cm wide.

18.       No vehicles to be driven onto farmers’ land without prior permission.

19.       Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

20.      Night fishing is permitted on some waters, however, any person needing to defecate must use carrier bag or similar container to take it away with them.




Competitions will be held during the season for all members. Transport will be arranged where possible (contact Competition Secretary).

All members must report to the Competition Secretary before commencing to fish. Fishing times and rules of the day will be stated before the match commences. These must be strictly adhered to; failure to do so will result in disqualification.

Only one rod and hook to be used on all competitions, unless otherwise stated.

Competitors to return all fish to the water before changing swim.

All members to walk to swim unless authorized by the Competition Secretary or his deputy.